Enricomaria Guerra & Partners was founded in 1988 on the initiative of its founder, who was operating in the field of business consultancy aimed at multinational companies and groups, and is currently one of the leading independent firms in Italy.
His organisation has made quality of service its distinguishing characteristic, thanks to the experience and high level of professionalism of its members who, by combining technical and specialist skills, provide a wide range of tax and corporate services, as well as extraordinary and legal services, both nationally and internationally, making use of advanced methodologies and a tightly-knit network of associates.
By take advantage of a wealth of knowledge and expertise accrued over the years, Enricomaria Guerra & Partners positions itself as an authoritative partner in the business community, the academic world and the professional world in terms of synergy, support and mutual enrichment.
The firm provides tax consultancy and planning at national and international levels, VAT, corporate finance, tax & legal audits, tax litigation, assistance in the internationalisation of companies, and low-interest financing.

  • Tax assistance and consultancy for companies and individuals
  • Extraordinary tax assistance and consultancy (reorganisations, mergers, transfers, divisions, sales and acquisitions of companies, corporations, investments, etc.)
  • Tax planning
  • Valuation of companies and shareholdings
  • Assistance related to domestic and foreign investments
  • Administrative, accounting and organisational consultancy
  • Formulation of questions, queries and drafting of personalised opinions on both tax and corporate matters
  • Due diligence and tax audits, in matters of both direct and indirect taxation
  • Insolvency proceedings and restructuring
  • Legal and tax consultancy and assistance for the buying and selling of property
  • Inheritance and donations
  • Auditing of annual, consolidated and interim financial statements
  • Analysis of accounting and management procedures, and of internal control systems;
  • Analysis and revision of corporate social responsibility statements and fairness opinions
  • Valuation of companies and goods for the purposes of acquisition/disposal, provision, and company reorganisation
  • Optimisation of financial structures
  • Financial restructuring
  • Corporate reorganisation
  • Mergers and acquisitions (disposals, searching for financial and industrial partners
    and LBOs)
  • Transfer of stocks and shares
  • Sale of companies or company branches
  • Mergers and divisions of companies
  • Demergers, transfers and other extraordinary operations
  • Corporate crisis management (corporate check-up and verifying conditions for recovery, analysis and implementation of debt restructuring plans and negotiation of agreements with creditors in situations of financial insolvency, certification of recovery plans, restructuring agreements and agreements with creditors).
  • VAT aspects of company/group reorganisation projects, including on a transnational basis
  • VAT treatment of different types of services provided and goods sold, including on a transnational basis
  • Due diligence activities for VAT purposes in the context of acquisitions/restructuring
  • Review of VAT procedures
  • Electronic billing and storage
  • Group VAT
  • Separation of businesses
  • Deduction of VAT where businesses/transactions are exempt/not subject to taxation
  • Conformity of Italian VAT legislation with EU directives
  • Assistance in the context of tax audits and any related litigation
  • Registration (both direct and indirect) of persons not resident in Italy
  • Preparation of annual declarations relevant for VAT purposes in Italy
  • Assistance in compliance with the MOSS platform
  • Client assistance in the case of tax audits by financial administration authorities
  • Drafting and filing of pleadings and documents
  • Instances of self-protection and arbitration proceedings
  • Definition of disputes arising with the Financial Administrator
  • Client assistance at every stage of proceedings with tax law enforcement authorities
  • Business plans
  • Support for the implementation of new areas of business and startups
  • Consultancy and coaching tout court to obtain tax relief granted at the European, national and regional levels to companies and/or consortia for the implementation of programmes:
    - of fixed investment to support the creation, expansion and modernisation of industrial, touristic and commercial sites;
    - of R&D for the development of new products, production processes and services, or for the improvement of pre-existing products, processes and services;
    - of internationalisation in terms of commercial expansion for a permanent presence of branches, shops and representative offices in foreign countries.

Over the years, the firm has assisted numerous medium to large companies in opening branches abroad in order to help consolidate the markets where the companies had already launched their business.
The consultancy involves an in-depth preliminary study of the legal and tax context of the target country, and then the choice of the operational instrument (branch, representative office or otherwise) which is most suitable for the client’s requirements.
In particular, to date the firm has provided its contribution to opening localised branches in the following geographical areas:

  • European Area
    - Spain
    - Germany
    - Switzerland
    - United Kingdom
  • Middle East
    - United Arab Emirates
    - Qatar

Periodically, the firm carries out accounting and tax audits of the aforementioned branches in accordance with the regulations in force in the respective countries.